Spring is here!

19th March 2019

Spring is here!

Spring is a fantastic time of year - The warmth is starting to return and the flowers and greenery are coming into bloom. We hope these tips keep you and your home happy and healthy during Spring!

Trim Overgrowth

Having big, adult trees in your garden is great! However, watch out for trees and shrubs that brush up against your house. Spring is a perfect time to trim back any overly enthusiastic trees, which will reduce potential moisture damage and keep pests from finding their way into your home.

Watch out for Bare Wood

It’s always a good idea to do a quick check around the outside of your house, looking for places where paint has chipped and bare wood is exposed. Sand away chipping or flaking paint, and spot-paint any areas where you see the wood underneath. Take a look at brick sections of your house to find trouble spots there too.

Check your Thermostat

Your programmable thermostat is a handy tool, but make sure you re-program it for spring. It’s easy to forget about which can waste a lot of energy heating your house unnecessarily. A programmable thermostat can potentially save you a lot on your heating bill.

Beware of your Windows

Top home maintenance tips can also double as energy-saving tips. This includes maintaining your windows. You can lose a lot of heating and cooling energy through them if you’re not careful. Before summer arrives, inspect the areas around your windows for cracks, gaps and signs of air leakage. Caulk, spray foam and weather stripping are easy and cost-efficient quick fixes for leaky windows and door frames.

Have a look at your Roof

Roof inspections are important, but there’s no need to climb up onto the roof yourself. From ground level, a pair of binoculars should give you a good enough view to tell if your roof needs maintenance. So, look for tiles that are missing, broken, askew or have nails protruding out.

Check your Gutters

Spring is a prime time to clean and check your gutters. Look for leaks, and make sure the gutters are draining properly and are firmly connected to the roof. Gutters that overflow and leak can eventually lead to serious damage. Also, check your downspouts and ensure they are draining away from the foundation.