Should you sell your home in the summer?

12th June 2019

Should you sell your home in the summer?

Selling your home in the summer has many advantages. Although there are lots of myths as to what the best season to sell your home may be, when the sun is shining everything looks a little better. We’ve created a list of reasons why selling your home in the summer could work for you, so if you are on the hunt for a different house and want yours sold without any hassle – you can get in touch.

Great Kerb Appeal

When summer is here, there is no doubt that your plants will be in full bloom, your grass will look a little greener – making your home look better in general. This means that not only will it be more appealing to prospective buyers on first glance, but that there is less for you to do to get it up to scratch when it comes to some of these areas. Keeping on top of your garden, will improve the look of your home.

It’s the School Holidays

Usually during the school holidays, it’s when you will find people take time off work. This means that there is more time to go house hunting than normal on days out etc to look for the perfect family home. It could also mean that you are more likely to get a quick sale if the new buyers are looking to move in before the next school term.

Selling your Home in the Summer Comes with Better Moving Conditions

If it’s cold and snowy outside, then there is no doubt that you will find it more difficult to move house – which is why the summertime is a more attractive offer for some. People also tend to be more inspired than normal in the warmer months. Let’s be honest – when it’s hot outside we are all in a better mood and can come up with better ideas. If someone visits your home when it’s nice outside, they can find better inspiration in terms of envisioning themselves living there.

Are there Things to Consider?

Although the sunlight can bring lots of advantages, there are things that you may need to watch out for. The brightness can also bring flaws and faults to light. This can include things such as damp, poor paintwork etc – so it’s important that you make sure your home is up to scratch. There also may be more competition than normal, so make sure you pay attention to detail.

If you are thinking of selling your home in the summer, please get in touch with Bennett Estate Agents for a hassle-free option.